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Scheduling Your Appointment for Appliance Repair

When you are ready to call us and book your service appointment with one of our highly qualified, experienced technicians; there are a few items we ask that you have available that will allow us to provide a more pleasant and efficient process for you.


  • Name and address

  • Current contact information (email and phone number)

  • Type and brand of appliance

  • Model and serial numbers

  • Detailed description of what is going on with your appliance.

  • Date of purchase

  • Dealer that the unit was purchased from.

  • If you are unsure if you have a warranty, call us right away and a customer service representative will be happy to assist you.

Out of Warranty

If you are out of warranty, all the same information will be requested. It will be a $95 trip and diagnostic fee due at the time of service. Once a diagnostic is made, a quote for repairs will be given. If it is chosen to go through with repairs, the $74.95 is applied to the quote and you will then be responsible for the remaining balance.  If you are out of warranty you will be required to pay for services upon completion by cash, check or credit card. If the repair is quoted more than $300 than it may be required to have a deposit of half the quoted amount before making repair. For any landlord/tenant situations we must receive a payment method (such as credit card information) from the paying party upon creation of the claim.

Scheduling an Appointment

The process of services is simple and organized at your convenience. When a customer calls to set up an appointment, a customer service representative will receive all the above information and create a claim for the customer. If it is possible to pre-screen the situation and pre order parts we will do so, to allow for a more efficient process for the customer. If we are not 100% certain of the parts needed we will schedule one of our professional technicians on the next available day to go to your home and give a more accurate diagnosis of the unit. The technician will then inform you of the parts needed and order them right away. We will keep you informed on the status of the ordered parts. Once the parts are in, we will contact you and the technician will be scheduled again for the next available day for the repair. We offer a 90 day part guarantee for any parts that we install.

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