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Why Appliance Panels?

Homeowners that are creating traditional and formal kitchens are presented with a number of different choices in cabinets and paneling. Formal kitchens often look out of place when they have stainless steel appliances installed. Therefore, the best way to blend these areas in with the rest of the kitchen is to use appliance panels.

Appliance Panel Features

An appliance panel is a cabinet front. Rather than hiding a pantry or a cabinet, however, it attaches to the front door of your refrigerator, dishwasher, or oven. It’s intended to conceal the appliance and makes it appear to be part of the rest of the cabinetry. If you’re investing in some very decorative and custom cabinets for your kitchen, you can continue them unbroken by stainless panels around the room by covering the appliances in them, too.

Appliance Panel Concerns

Some appliance panels if not used correctly can interfere with the use of the appliance. Dishwashers that have their control panel on the front will still have this panel visible, for example, so many homeowners choose to use dishwashers that have the panel on the top of the door where it can be hidden, but more difficult to access. Also, not every cabinet pull has a matching line of appliance pulls and handles, so this can limit your choices somewhat. You may also be limited in what brand and type of appliances you can purchase.

Properly applied appliance panels can create a cohesive and uninterrupted look in the kitchen. They aren’t for everyone, however, so think carefully before you commit.

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