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Benefits of Using Dryer Sheets and Dryer Tips

It's all magic right? Just pop in a dryer sheet and all of your fabric problems are answered. There's actually a little science behind how it all works. There is a thin layer of lubricant on the sheets that is electronically conductive. The chemicals in the fabric targets electrostatic charges and eliminates the excess lint resulting in no extra shock.

Dryer sheets are nice to use when drying your clothes because it adds a little more freshness and makes your clothes just a little softer. They can reduce static electricity in most fabrics. There are a couple of other benefits that people don't know of. Such as, if you iron your clothes afterwards, the dryer sheets can actually make ironing a little easier. The dryer sheets can also prevent clothes from gathering lint so you don't have to clean off the lint once you put your shirt on.

Mark is here in a video to show you some tips to use with your dryer when you use dryer sheets. Sometimes you might feel like your clothes are not completely dry or you might run into different drying times. Check your moisture sensors first and clean off the little residue of the dryer sheet material. You can use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface off. You can also clean your dryer vents with soap and water with an old toothbrush. This should make your clothes dry better.

If you are still noticing that your clothes are not drying completely, give us a call and our service team can take a closer look and find a solution for you.

For more information on dryer sheets go to:

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