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Summer Refrigerator Maintenance: Cleaning Refrigerator Coils

During the summer hot months, it's important to check on your appliances and do a little maintenance on them to make sure that they are working efficiently, especially your refrigerator.

With the heat, your refrigerator will actually have to work a little harder to keep items nice in cold inside. The condenser coils actually disperse the heat from your refrigerator out into the air. Make sure to clean your condenser coils as dust, pet hair, and debris can build up. The build up is kind of like having your refrigerator wear a big coat in the winter. It can get hot and not work as well which costs you more on your energy bill. Keep it clean to make your refrigerator last longer to save you energy and money.

Take a look at some tips from Mark as to how you should clean the condenser coils below. Make sure to unplug your refrigerator before you start cleaning as a safety measure for yourself and to make sure you don't harm any of the moving parts in your refrigerator.

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