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When & How to Replace Water Filters in Your Home

Today, Mark is out in the field repairing and remodeling a home owners appliances. The home owner is asking about water filters, such as when and how to change it out. Here are a few tips:

1. Find out which filter you need by finding the model number of your refrigerator. Not all water filters are the same so make sure you have this handy when buying a new water filter.

2. Stop at your local appliance store like Appliance Factory & Mattress Kingdom with your model number. They should be able to help you find the correct water filter for your specific refrigerator. You can always look to buy filters in packs and store them in your home as a way to save money.

3. Before replacing your water filter, make sure to mark the date on your filter so you can keep track as to when you swap them out.

4. Locate where your water filter is located in your refrigerator. Again, you can either look it up in your manual or Google your model number to find the location. For most water filters, you just have to give a little twist or pull and the whole thing will pop out.

5. Make sure to reset your water filter timer. Press and hold the button down to reset the timer. Most machines have it set to light up to replace it every 4 to 6 months. Depending on how big your family is and how often you use the water dispenser, you could have to replace it more often or less often than 4 to 6 months. The real test as to when to change it out, is if your water starts to taste funny.

6. Make sure to "flush" your water. This means to run your water through the filter before using the water for consumption. We recommend to run about a gallon of water before using the water dispenser. If you have an automatic ice maker, you can make one set of ice cubes and toss them out. The reasoning why you should flush the water is because during the manufacture and shipping process, carbon particles can enter into the filter. This can make the water look cloudy or gray. Once the cloudy color goes away, you are ready to use!

7. Pure a nice cold glass of water and enjoy!

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