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How to Change Out Your Water Filter

With the temperature rising in the summer, you and your family will be drinking more water. Make sure to change your water filter in your refrigerator 2 times per year to keep your water and ice fresh from harmful chemicals and substances.

Mark is here today to show you how to change out your water filter in your refrigerator. Not all water filters and refrigerators are the same, so make sure you check your refrigerator manual on what type you need and where it is located. In this example, Mark is changing out the water filter in a KitchenAid side-by-side refrigerator.

First, remove the old filter by turning it counter clock ways.

To install the new filter, push it in the opening and turn until you hear a click or hear the water flow.

Your are not quite done yet. Make sure that you purge your water and ice before using the water. This will make sure that there are fewer air bubbles and that it's completely set up. Fill at least 4 glasses worth of water or about 1 gallon of water out before drinking the water. When the water first comes out it might be discolored and there will be air bubbles. Make sure to also toss out your first couple of ice cube trays if you have an automatic ice cube maker. Once this is done, the water is clean and ready to drink. Enjoy!

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