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3 Tips Before You Remodel Your Kitchen


Looking to upgrade or buy your first appliances. Here are some ways to make it easier when heading to the store:

  1. Reduce your options – If your builder has a list of models and you trust their taste part of your work is already done. Don’t get consumed looking at models that won’t work for your home. There will be constraints based on sizing and availability of certain utilities like water and electric or gas. Check out our trusted trade partner's website to save you time and money by filtering down to the appliances of your dreams.

  2. Cost – use caution when looking at options you may never use. If it’s been awhile since you’ve purchased appliances get ready for the sticker shock. The appliances of today will offer energy savings and water savings and overtime will help keep those utility costs down. Looking at built in units like refrigerators, beverage centers, coffee makers, steamers, and other items like wall ovens can greatly increase the cost of your kitchen.

  3. All one brand? – Many people want all one brand which will enhance the look in your kitchen but may increase the price. Some colors in different brands can catch eye when they don’t have the same sheen. Not all stainless matches. Most brands offer multiple different lines like GE who start with GE then move up to GE Profile, then GE Café, then GE Monogram is their high end. Look at knobs and handles as well they vary greatly between brands.

Hopefully these tips will be useful for you. Please visit our website to contact us if you have any specific questions about remodeling your home.



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