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5 Tips to Make Sure Your Clothes are Dry

Mark is here to show you some tips that you can do with your dryer to make sure that your clothes come out dry after a cycle.

1. Use dryer sheets

Dryer sheets help your clothes feel soft and fresh to your load of laundry. The material also reduces static electricity and prevents clothes from gathering lint.

2. Clean your moisture sensors

In newer dryers there are actually sensors in your dryer that determine if the clothes are done drying or not. This sensor measures the levels of humidity the the dryer's exhaust to determine how much moisture is still in the fabrics. Sometimes these sensors in the drum, can get clogged making the sensor think that the clothes are dry. Try cleaning this off with rubbing alcohol with a rag.

3. Clean your dryer lint trap

After every load of laundry take out the lint trap and brush off the lint that gets caught on there. Every once in a while, clean your lint trap with soap and water with an old toothbrush. If your lint trap is not clean, your clothes can sometimes come out not completely dry.

4. Clean your dryer vents

Some lint gets beyond the lint trap and can build up in your vents. Make sure to clean these out every 6 months to make sure that there is good air flow. Having a good air flow will make sure that your clothes are dry and will help prevent a house fire.

5. Amount of Clothes

Make sure that you are not stuffing your dryer with tons of clothes. Trying to dry too many clothes at once can make your drying cycles longer. All fabrics will dry at certain amounts of time. Another quick tips is to check your dryer and pull out some of the clothes that are already dry and leave some of the thicker fabrics in longer.

After doing these steps and you still see that your clothes are not coming out dry, it might be time to call a service tech out to see if there are other issues. Give us a call if you have any questions about your dryer.

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