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5 Tips on Selecting a Garage Refrigerator

Need more refrigerator room for your family? We recommend having a second refrigerator and store it either in your garage or basement. Below are a couple of tips before you buy a brand new refrigerator.

1. Top-Mount

Don't worry about the style and look of your refrigerator. Meaning, you do not need a fancy 4-door French door refrigerator. Most of your guests will not be going into your garage and is not apart of the main living space and it won't matter what you store in your garage. Keep it simple and basic and stick to a top-mount refrigerator. This will save you money.

2. Area

Make sure that you store your refrigerator in an area that is flat, dry, and has a cool floor. This will save you energy.

3. ENERGY Star

Look for ENERGY Star-qualified refrigerators. These can use up to 15% less energy than non-qualified models.

4. Older or Used

It's okay to look at using a used machine if your not concerned with ENERGY Star-qualified machines.. If you have a hand-me-down refrigerator, do think about using it for your garage refrigerator. Just make sure that the thermostat and compressor are in good condition. If these malfunction, your refrigerator will not work and you could run into your food spoiling. You can always call our team to help your check these items to be replaced or repaired.

5. Cold Controls

Look for a refrigerator that has a cold control. Cold control will actually determine what the weather is like outside of the unit. During the winter when the weather is colder, less than 32 degrees F, the sensor will actually turn off the cooling element as the temperature doesn't need to be colder. These cold controls are a common feature in top-mount refrigerators. Mark is here in the video below that goes into more details about this.

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