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5 Things to Consider Before Buying and Installing Your Dishwasher

When our install team goes go out to install a dishwasher, we find that the dishwasher doesn’t actually fit into the space. Here are a few tips before you buy your dishwasher that will make it easier for installation

1. Measuring Before You Buy

When replacing your dishwasher make sure that you are measuring from the floor to the bottom of the counter top. Often times when flooring has been replaced you may run into an issue with the new dishwasher not fitting correctly. If your dishwasher does not currently have a handle on front make sure to consider what is around your dishwasher space so that your dishwasher handles can be used and do not get in the way of cabinet drawers on either side of the dishwasher. If you are installing a new island in your kitchen, make sure that you have enough space in between your island and when your dishwasher door is open. Sometimes the spacing can be tight and you cannot walk in between the two when the door is open.

2. Water Supply

If your kitchen has never had a dishwasher and you are about to install a new one for the first time, think about where you want to put your dishwasher. Dishwashers need hot water and the best place to get the water is from your sink. Consider installing your dishwasher close to the same wall as your sink. You will need to get a new valve that will be connected to the hot water supply. We recommend using stainless steel long braided wire hose for best practices. You may need to drill a hole on the side of your sink cabinet to connect it to the dishwasher opening.

3. Garbage Disposer

Often times, the garbage disposer is just as old as the dishwasher if not older. It is a good time to replace your disposer at the same time when you replace your dishwasher. When looking at a disposer check the area under the sink to determine how much space you have. This will determine if you have enough space to get a bigger disposer or if you need to stick to a smaller disposer that breaks down less food.

4. Power

If you are replacing a dishwasher, it is a little bit easier to replace the power. You might have to hard wire and replace the cords. But if you are installing a dishwasher for the first time in your kitchen this step might be a little more challenging and might be best for the professionals. Most standard electrical codes require a separate circuit for your dishwasher and garbage disposer. To be safe, make sure to use 12-gauge wire to run a duplex plug and protected by a 20-amp circuit breaker. For people who like to do-it-yourself and do not have much electrical experience, this is one job you may want to hire a professional to be safe and stay up to code.

5. Maintenance

Once your new dishwasher is home and installed, make sure you are using Afresh washer cleaner to clean both the dishwasher as well as the disposer about two times a year. This will help prolong the life of the units as well as reducing the possibilities of odors.

If you have questions about installing your dishwasher contact our service department to help you out.

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