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How to Change Your Water Filter

Have you ever had your light turn on indicating that the water filter needs to be changes? Mark is here to show you how to change your water filter. In this example, he is changing out a water filter in a Frigidaire French door refrigerator.

The settings button is red indicating that the water filter needs to be replaced. Open your fridge and find where you water filter is located, in this example it is in the top right corner. Hold the old water filter and turn it to the left to pop it out of the whole. Make sure that your new water filter is the correct one that works with your refrigerator model. Once you get your new filter, place it into the slot and turn it to the right to lock it into place. The last step is to reset your light indicator in your controls. Reset it by holding down the water filter button for a few seconds until the light turns green or blue.

You should replace your water filter every 3- 6 months depending on how often you and your family uses it. Changing your water filter helps keep the water taste better by filtering out some of the minerals and chemicals found in water.

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