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How to Fix a Slow Draining Washer

After having your washer and dryer for a little while, you may notice some changes like the water doesn't drain as fast in your washing machine as it did when you first bought it. If you have a front load washer that has the drain trap in the front will make this process pretty easy to clean and fix. If you do not have the drain trap compartment in the front, it is a little more challenging and you may want to consider a technician to come out and fix this issue for you.

If you have a newer model of a front load washer, this process will be pretty simple. There is a little door at the bottom of your washer. If you have this, open it and you will find two different things. The first thing is a small little hose. Grab a bucket and unhook the cap from the hose and let the excess water drain. Once its completed draining, do not forget to put the cap back on or you will have a big leak the next time you do a load. There is also a cap that you can unscrew. This is a little coin and hair catcher and is probably the source of the problem. Make sure to clean this out and screw it back in. That's it! Your washer should drain faster now. You should clean this out every 6 months or once a year depending on how much you wash and if you have pets.

If you do not have the drain trap in the front, this process might be a little more challenging for some. The drain pump on most washers are at the bottom of the washer. If you are someone who is handy, take a shot at finding it, unscrewing it, and cleaning it out. If you are not very handy you might want to call our team to do this process for you as it can be tricky and if you do not put it back in correctly, you will have leaks.

Let us know what other questions you have about your washer and dryer.

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