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Why Isn't My Ice Maker and Water Dispenser Working?

Mark LaRochelle is here to teach you a few things to check before calling your local service team when your ice maker and/ or water dispenser aren't working.

The first thing that could be the issue is making sure that the child lock on your refrigerator isn't on. This feature on new refrigerators can be really nice if you have little ones who like to play and open things. The child lock will make all of the buttons in the front panel not work and some refrigerators will even lock the refrigerator and freezer doors. To turn the child lock off, you will find a lock button on the front panel, just hold it for 3 seconds and it will turn off. There might be a little light that will indicate that the child lock is on.

With it being summer, sometimes you and your family can go through ice pretty fast. Open your freezer door and see if you have any ice in your ice maker. If you are indeed out of ice, you might want to change your ice settings so that it produces more ice. This is an easy thing to change with newer models of refrigerators. There might be a button that you can turn on that says "Quick Ice" or "Ice Plus". These buttons will dependence ice faster than normal. If you don't have this option, you can adjust the temperature of the ice maker or freezer to increase the rate of how fast the ice freezes. Once your ice is made, make sure to turn the temperature back to normal.

If there is no water coming out of your front panel don't worry. Check where your water filter is and make sure that the filter is placed in the holder correctly. If the filter is not screwed in all the way, it can make your water not come out. If there is not water filter present at all, this will also make the water dispenser not function. If this is the case, make sure to buy a new filter and place it into your fridge correctly. Remember to change out your water filter about every 6 months.

After checking your water filter and there is still no water coming from your front panel, you may have a water issue or plumbing issue. There could be a buildup of air in the tubing, to check if this is the issue, have a glass and press the dispenser cartel for up to 2 minutes to purge the any air. Check your water line and tubes to see if there are any leaks, creased kinks, or other issues that would stop the flow of water. Make sure that the water supply is turned on. If there is an issue with the water supply, we recommend to contact a plumber.

If after checking these things and the water dispensor or ice maker is still not working, call us and we can have one our our technicians come out and help you find a solution.

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