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Should I Repair or Replace My Microwave?

Keith is here to help with the big dilemma of either repairing or replacing your microwave. Watch the video to get all of the insights.

The big rule of thumb deals with cost. Use the 60% rule to decide if you should repair or replace it. If the cost of repairing your dishwasher is less than 60% of what you paid for it, then you should think about getting it fixed. If it's going to cost more than 60% of the total cost that you bough the microwave for, then you should just replace it.

The cost of a technician to go out to your home and diagnose or fix minor issues with the machine will cost you between $75 and $100. If there is major issues with the applicne that need to be fixed, it could cost you anywhere between $150 and $300.

A thing that you should keep in mind is brand and style. If you don't want to go through the hassle of trying to match your other appliances with the right brand, color, and style maybe it would be better to get it repaired.

If you bought a more high end dishwasher or a custom built-in dishwasher and it cost you a lot of money, it might be better to have it looked at and get it fixed. If you purchased a microwave on the lower end of around $150-$250. It might not be worth getting it looked at and you should consider getting it replaced.

Let's say that you are absolutely in love or really like your microwave, I would have it repaired rather than replacing it. If you want an excuse to get new appliances or get an upgrade with new technology and features, just get a new one that you will actually like.

We hope that this helped you decide what is best for you. Please don't hesitate to call our team if you have any questions or concerns with your microwave or other appliances that you have.

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